After planning my own wedding which was full on DIY and now working as a wedding stylist,
I have learnt a lot along my way so want to share with you my top tips for a DIY wedding.

Sometimes it’s actually easier to work out what you DON’T like before you realise what you DO like!
If there’s a tradition, a style or something that just doesn’t sit right with you, ditch it.
If there’s something you’d always wanted to include, whether it’s “normal” in the wedding world or not, do it!
Don’t be tied to a huge list of expectations of neither you or your partner are really that fussed about.

This is where DIY weddings come into play, because you really do get to choose everything that YOU want. You guys have the power.

1 – Brainstorm

model couple posing in black wedding attire at The Shack Revolution

Book in an evening to sit down and think back to weddings you were guests at. What did you love? What did you dislike? What would you have done different? What ideas can you steal and turn into “you”? And… early on, set a budget. Yeah, it’s not much fun. But being realistic will take a lot of strain off. Actually, it might also help you choose which aspects of the day are actually a legit a priority for you both.

2 – Find your style

So, you’ve been scrolling for hours. You’re getting repetitive strain from Instagram. And with so many styles to choose, its hard to know if you actually LIKE the boho-chic-papyrus-everywhere that Pinterest algorithm has you pegged with, or the rustic-barn-with-bales-of-hay Instagram rabbit hole that you fell down. Its all inspo… but sometimes its all overwhelming.

Step away from the scroll. Look around your space at home. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Your home is a reflection of you and your partner, so take a look at what styles come through! Do you prefer bold colours or muted tones? Minimalist or maximalist? What kind of textures do you like? And what really makes you feel at home? These ideas are a great starting point to refine your searches. If you keep searching specifically for what you already love, then those algorithms will work in your favour!

3 – Organise and think smart

Be realistic about what you’re personally making for your DIY wedding decorations. Just because it’s DIY doesn’t mean you need to hand carve the cutlery, and not everyone wants to become an expert macramé crafter. Sometimes you can reuse things from home, or borrow decorations from friends. Talk with friends who might have stuff left over from their weddings and see what they’ve got sitting around in their loft!

Loads of items can be bought on a budget, second hand, or even better – hired. I have a wicked backlog of stock that’s free to hire with any of my packages!
Have a browse – my packages range from ‘I just need someone to come and set up!’, right up to the Full Whammy.

4 – Communication

Set some time with your person for planning and talking about weddings. Then, maybe put an evening aside each week specifically to definitely not talk about the wedding. Sometimes the constant planning and making can get exhausting, especially if your wedding is months or years away.

5 – Delegate

No matter how organised you both are, you can only be in one place at a time. Most venues only let you set up on the morning of the wedding, so with a DIY celebration, say it with me: Delegation. Is. Key. 

Take that stress away from yourselves and even from your close pals. My budget-friendly, set-up package that means the stress is gone.
I’ll be there to visit the site and consult with you before the big day, then to set up on the morning and clear away at the end. 

We hired Becky to set up and style our venue for us and she was brilliant! Nothing was too much trouble, with Becky designing and creating bespoke items (ceremony ‘teepee’ and outdoor cake cover), bringing our styling vision to life at the venue, and being an amazing, supportive and key part of our special day. Thank you Becky!

Jo and Ant


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