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by Feb 2, 2020Real Weddings

so guys, are you fed up with constantly worrying about what your
family and friends might think about your wedding day?
is your mum saying you need to invite that auntie you haven’t seen since you were born? 
do you have a friend of a friend making jibes about the bridesmaids’ dresses you’ve picked? 

well I say…screw them!! 

first things first, this day is your day!
i mean for goodness sake, you’ve managed to put up with each other for long enough,
surely this should be a day celebrating that! it’s about two people making a commitment to each other…
that’s right two people… not your mum, not the neighbour but one and not your work mates.
it’s you and only you guys.

i truly believe it makes such a big difference to you and your guests if you are just yourself.
so here are the 3 pointers which i offer people when planning their day.
(the following are experiences of my own wedding day!)


1 – Break from the socials

focus on yourself and your partner first. 
it’s so hard to break away from all the trends and images you see floating around on the gram. 
really take the time to focus on what you guys like as a couple.
what movies do you like? what food? what music? you get the idea 😉
there is no right or wrong way to theme and style your day.
as long as the day reflects how you guys are, then it’s gonna be epic!

2 – Choose your own style

so we have the feel… now what about the look?
it can be a real sh*tter trying to work out what theme/style to have on your day. 

so let’s go back to basics and just take a look around you,
what stuff you like in your home,
what you like to wear,
your favourite colours…
just remember, it’s what you like and not anyone else!




3 – Say no to traditions

are they the way you wanna go? do you love them? hate them? or just like a few of them?
i mean who says you should have a wedding cake?
why do your bridesmaids have to wear dresses?
why can’t you get married on a boat with the wind blowing in your god damn beautiful hair.
if you’re not a fan of wedding traditions, then don’t feel like you have to follow them.
it’s completely up to you what’s featured and not featured on the day.
just concetrerate on what makes you happy!



The Revill Wedding 

whilst planning our wedding, we really focused on what was going to make us happy.
and for that, it was having a good time with our family and friends.
we understood that we couldn’t go crazy with money so we made sure that we
prioritised our favourite things – laughing, music and dancing.

we had our ceremony outside and our close friend conducted the ceremony.
this really set the tone of the day as he had everyone chuckling from start to finish.
a bloody asda bag even made an appearance!

we had a non-stop supply of booze for the guests and a good amount of time for
everyone to mingle and just have a laugh. we didn’t go crazy with our guest list.
we mainly had our close family and friends attend, which allowed us to enjoy time with them.
and no pressure having to mingle and greet every tom, dick and harry. 

the wedding party was just the best!
it was just our closet friends – who know all the good and bad things about us.
they certainly didn’t hold back on the speeches either. i didn’t think i’d ever hear a best man
talk about a groom’s genitals ’till my wedding day. literally, the whole room was howling
(albeit slightly awkward for his mum!).

we added a personal touch to our day and got my brother to draw caricatures of each guest.
he captured their personalities to a t and had everyone giggling as they walked into the barn.
from nudist, to shopaholic, even a magic mike wannabe…and that was a woman!

lastly, one of our big -but essential- costs was music. our band was amazing and people didn’t stop dancing from start to finish!
i may have even gate-crashed the stage at one point…..oops!! (it was the jager’s fault honestly.)
we made sure we picked a band that we both liked and selected songs which would have everyone up dancing.
they were incredible and the atmosphere was just spot on.  – a great band
and a judgement-free barn!

so there it is…we had booze, we had laughter, we had music and we had dancing!
i couldn’t have asked for a better day…have a nosy at our photos whilst i just sit here not crying
(happy tears) about the memories… 

photo credit bunny photography
venue enigma farm weddings
hair anna (friend)

makeup lizzie
dress asos

bride headpiece victoria harper
styling, stationery and signage r and r weddings and events
prop hire boelle events
food supplied by friends, and eric did the best bbq!

band jukebox anthems