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The Benefits of having a Wedding Stylist

so are you sitting there thinking…” why the hell do i need a wedding stylist?”
i have a few questions below and if you say yes, to at least one of them, then i am here to help.

do you struggle with having too many ideas?
are your pinterest boards all over the place?
do you find it hard knowing what colours work together?
do you know what you want your wedding to look like, but no idea where to start?
would you love a stress free lead up to your day?

did I hear you say yes??
then that’s what i‘m all about and how i can help create that bad ass wedding you long for!






about me
my aim is to create a wedding that is all about you.
i love alternative styling and my mission is to get that message out more, in the wedding industry.
I want to allow those unique couples, out there, who like something different, to shine!
i am a full on geek. i could talk for hours on marvel movies and i care about your feelings.
i care about you and your day.


how i work
i am all about working with you! we get to know one another. i learn about you as a couple.
what are your likes and dislikes? i end up being a pal, one that you can rant to and one you can rely on.
i don’t push you into anything you don’t like. you can be honest with me and i work damn hard to make your dream wedding.


why have me

not only do i learn about you guys. i also take my creative knowledge and help you create some bad ass styling. i think outside the box, i look at other areas of styling to give a different approach to weddings.
i love fashion and home decor and really love looking there for inspiration.i get to know what personality you both have. what colours you love and the ones you don’t like.
i am an organised freak, so will get start to finish mood boards for you, which are easy to understand and, most importantly, make you stand out as a couple.
i am a listener. i understand your needs and i work with you to help bring your dream to life.



want to know more?


i am just a message / call away. if you would like to know more about me. or dying to hear what i can offer you for your day. than contact me on the link below and i will be back to you within 48 hours.