What is a wedding stylist and the benefits of having one

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Your Day, Your Way

ok, i know i’ve said this a million times (it’s even the first line on my services page),
but it’s because it’s my absolute core belief as a wedding stylist!

navigating your way through all the little nitty gritty parts of styling a wedding on top of planning all the logistics of the day can drive you insane, i’ve been there! there are so many factors involved in making all the details of your wedding day flow.

that’s where your badass wedding stylist comes in! but before we get into how the right wedding stylist can help you, let’s cover the basics.


What is a wedding stylist?

“isn’t a wedding stylist the same as a wedding planner?”, i hear you ask.

eh, not exactly. although some factors do cross over, the core solutions are very different!

wedding planners tend to be wizards of logistics; making sure everyone is on the same page, and where they’re supposed to be when they’re supposed to be there! But wedding stylists are like the fairy godmothers in the wedding world…

when cinderella said to her fgm she wanted to go to the ball, and her dress won’t do, that was cindy’s brief. you, as the special person having a wedding, give us any form of a brief, and poof! we’re bibbity bobbity boo’ing our way to your abso dream wedding.

a wedding stylist’s job is to materialise your ideas and inspo into something that ends up being the wedding you dreamt of from the moment you even considered getting married.






 What do wedding stylist do?

as briefly mentioned, as a wedding stylist i’m here to help you style your wedding in a way that flows,
speaks for you & your partner’s personality, and looks exactly how you want (or better).

i save you time and work with your set budget to research and curate all the little things.
i have a stock of props and items, and a superhero skill to source items and suppliers that’ll suit your style perfectly.

having your whole venue and day set up by a professional stylist will give you back so much time and
energy in the lead-up to your big day. it’s what i’m here for, baby!






 What are the benefits of
having a wedding stylist?

we’ve already covered a load of the benefits, like saving time. But what about your budget?

although you pay for a stylist, it’s likely you’ll end up spending less if you were to do it all yourself!
sourcing the props and items for each table placement, piece décor, furniture, etc. adds up so quickly.

using a wedding stylist who has a stock will save all of that.
plus, stylists always know their stock so well, they’ll know exactly what you’ll love after seeing your brief!

wedding stylist is just one of the titles we cover… therapist, friend, and sidekick are also titles we tend to go by!
wedding planning can totally take over your life. a lot of couples reckon they can do it on their own until they realise they’re in too deep! knowing someone else is handling it all for you will mean the lead up is waaay more chilled out for you.

if you couldn’t tell, i have such a huuuge passion for making in-love-af couples’ perfect day.

it’s all about taking your personalities and putting it into your venue in décor form.
all the side effects of saving time, money, and stress wrinkles are just a big plus!

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