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so you have booked your venue, have some idea of what you like but you need to inform people of what’s cracking off.
that’s where sending save the dates and invites out is the best communication to have for your guests. 

but what the hell do you put on them????? 

below is my little guide to help you figure out all the ins and outs of invites!
and a couple of ideas here and there.

 save the dates

these can be pretty simple.
first your name and secondly your date.
if you wanna have your guests be super organised, than why not pop the venue on there too.
they could then research into accommodation for the day early.

save the dates give the first impression of your day.
so although they are probably the less expensive stationery you will invest in, 
its important to showcase you and your style. 







this is really down to you and what type of impression you want to give your guests.
the style of writing is just as important as what they look like.
if you wanna go formal…go formal. if you are having a relaxed day than make the text fun. it’s that simple!

giving out invites for your wedding or event is important.
it is important for your guests to get the right info, the right style and the right feel of what the atmosphere will be.

i also think its a great idea to put as much info on the invites as you can. if that means a little extra cost, it will save you a lot of time replying to numerous questions from your guests. so below i have written a list which outlines the main information to have on your invites. again this is all about you, so your invites can be as fun or formal as you like!!




so ask yourself the below 


who is getting married? – couple names
when is it? – date of wedding
what time does it start? – time of wedding
(remember day and evening guests will get different times. for day guests its always a good idea to add an extra 30mins before the ceremony
starts just so it allows guests to sit and relax before the bride arrives)
where is it? – ceremony venue name and address
reception venue name and address (if different)
what are they gonna eat? – menu options
(don’t forget to mention something for the evening guests too)
where they gonna go after the party? – accommodation
how are they gonna get back okay? – taxi numbers
do we want gifts or money – gifts info
how are we gonna know who’s coming – rsvp


on the rsvp i advise you do separate designs for both day and evening guests.  

these should include
date you require the rsvp back
space for them to put their names
selections for the menu options – day guests
text – any dietary requirements please inform us
return address, name and numbers.
alternatively you can have them email you.

any additional info could be..
car parking
travel arrangements from ceremony to reception if any
and song choices 



need any more help???   

then why not download my helpful guide below




click on the link below!

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