picking the right stylist for your wedding day

by May 15, 2022Wedding advice

When you’re hunting down and choosing suppliers for your wedding day, you’re gonna look for the obvious: Do you like their work? Do they cover your area? Are they within your budget?

All these factors are OBVS really important… But an aspect that is often overlooked or missed, that we think is hugely beneficial, is the vibe!

What do we mean by that? Well, did you ever get put with people for a group project in school that you just… didn’t vibe with? The group project was probably way less fun, maybe even with a lesser outcome than if you did it with other hardworking peeps that you really hit it off with.

That’s what this blog post is all about; not only finding a wedding stylist that fits all the obvious necessities, but someone who you could deffo go out for a bev with!



Okay, we know first impressions aren’t always a true reflection of someone… And it’s especially hard to suss it out over a couple of emails.

However, if after a conversation or decent amount of exchanges with a potential wedding stylist, you don’t feel excited, positive, or confident… They’re probably not the one, hun. 

Because of the involvement of a wedding stylist on your day, finding someone that hypes you up and makes you feel like they seriously “get” your vision and personality is invaluable. They are styling a day dedicated to you and your love, after all!




Going solely off vibe, of course, isn’t the only factor. As we mentioned, considering the important factors like cost, location, and the stylist’s own style are all completely necessary.

With these aspects in mind, you could ask yourself this little checklist:

Do they fit my budget?

Are they free on my wedding date?

Do they cover my location?

Do I dig their brand?

Does their own style, or previous wedding styling, lead me to believe they could style my vision?

Would they be willing to meet up at my venue to visualise & plan with me?



We’re not saying you need to go out and find a wedding stylist who will also be your new bestie, but having some kinda casual rapport and friendship with your stylist can REALLY help.

Talking regularly, and letting your wedding stylist get to know you a bit more personally will really bring out the “you” in your wedding day styling.

If they’re local to you, why not buy them a coffee or cocktail to have an IRL chat for an hour? Or letting them follow your personal instagram, your spotify, or who your fav fashion icon is are insights that will really help.



Most good wedding stylists will offer free consultations. If someone you’re considering offers this, DO IT! It’s the very best way to pick up on someone’s vision, vibe, and really get a feel for whether they’re the right stylist for you.

Like we said, figuring out what someone’s really like through a few emails is très difficile! A consultation will give you an opportunity to really connect and chat with your potential wedding day stylist. 

Remember!: You might want to appeal to them as an ‘ideal client’, but do they appeal to you as an ideal supplier?!



If you’ve gone through with a consultation, or a decent amount of messages exchanged, do NOT feel obliged to go ahead with booking that wedding stylist!

Free consultations or enquiries should always be no obligation. Even if the wedding stylist is pushing a booking form or contract your way, don’t sign it if you don’t feel 100%. 

Play the field a little, look around, and figure out what it is exactly that you want in a wedding stylist. Basically, don’t settle! Wedding styling is a really personal thing to you as a couple. Make sure you’ve really looked about before committing.

Unless, of course, it’s love at first sight for the first wedding stylist you enquire with! 

Whatever you do though, don’t ghost. If someone doesn’t match your vibe, wants or needs, don’t leave them hanging. Just simply be honest and let them know! Good wedding stylists really understand the need to find someone who’s a perfect match.




If they don’t make you feel excited, positive or like they’re really interested, look elsewhere!

Get a good rapport or even friendship going with them, it’ll result in a wicked outcome

Snatch up that free consultation with as many wedding stylists as you like

Don’t be afraid to say no, but don’t ghost!


We really hope this helps you find your dream wedding stylist! This can also apply to pretty much any of your wedding suppliers – the more high vibes, the better!!


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