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Hi Rockstars!

I’m Abby and I own In The Name Of Love, an alternative bridal boutique in Derby city center. I was so freakin’ excited when Becs asked me to write some top tips for her blog because A) she is awesome and so are you guys and B) her brand totally aligns with mine which is so important to both of us. What I mean by that is that she really supports couples in finding their style and creating a day that is 100% them and not full of old worn out traditions that no one asked for. That is a train I can totally get on board. My shop exists purely to provide modern and kick ass wedding and elopement outfits to people like you! You would never buy everyday clothes that you hate or feel uncomfortable in just because your granny said so (otherwise we’d all be walking around in Aran knit cardigans and tea dresses… no disrespect, my Granny knits a killer cardi, but then we’d all be the same and we’re not which is what’s makes us so amazing). 

So here are my top tips for being a modern lover and finding an outfit that is unapologetically you!

1. Consider separate or multiple pieces

A wedding outfit doesn’t mean dress, let’s just get that myth busted straight away. And whilst we’re at it… separates doesn’t mean skirt and midriff exposing top. Separates means exactly that; separate pieces. This could be a jumpsuit with an over-skirt, a skirt and top, a boss ass suit, a dress with a sheer overdress. We use a lot of seperates in store to put together a bespoke look which can then be turned into one piece but they are also great for being totally extra and having more than one look on your special day. A sexy, silk, slip dress with a floral embroidered overdress is a perfect example, wear the overdress for your daytime celebrations and then surprise your guests by slipping into a slinky number for the evening.

2. Consider finding a bespoke or semi-bespoke service

Bear in mind that you can literally have a dress MADE for you. If you are trawling the shops and not feeling like you’ve found ‘the one’ then don’t settle. There are some incredible bespoke designers out there and there are plenty of shops (mine included, cough cough) that offer a semi-bespoke service. Unlike a bespoke service (where you’d discuss what you want and have some designs drawn from scratch) we use the sample pieces we have in store and mould them together to create something unique to you (for example, you love one of our slip dresses but you’re conscious of your arms… we’ll add sleeves). Neither of these services (you may be surprised to hear) have to break the bank. In fact our semi-bespoke service is very rarely any more expensive than the dresses we already sell in store.

3. Elopement doesn’t have to mean ASOS

Eloping doesn’t mean you have to order your outfit online or find something on the highstreet… if that’s what you want to do then amazing, you do you hun! BUT if you really want the experience of ‘wedding dress shopping’ and the luxury service that comes with that then you can have both. I’d love to say it means you all have to come to Derby and meet me, but it doesn’t mean that. There are so many incredible boutiques across the UK, some new, some not so new, that specialise in modern outfits perfect for elopement. Check out places like Flamingo Boulevard in Liverpool, The White Closet in Manchester, Story Of My Dress in Kent and In The Name Of Love in Derby (I couldn’t resist) to name just a few.

4. Research designers

I think it is so important to be open minded about the style of outfit you’d like to wear because wedding outfits (dresses particularly) fit so differently to anything you would have purchased on the highstreet previously, so a style you think you’ll love might not suit you when you try it on. That being said, it’s a great idea to research designers (rather than individual styles). If you love the majority of their designs then look for where those designers are stocked and go from there. If you love a designer it is so worth travelling to a boutique that stocks their pieces. 

I could literally go on and on (and on and on) for hours so I’ll call it a day there but if you have any questions about finding a outfit that makes you feel you and totally amazing then please feel free to drop me a message either on Instagram @inthenameoflovebridal or via email

And if I don’t speak to you before… have a truly kick ass wedding. X

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