how to make your wedding styling more you

by Aug 12, 2022Wedding advice

When you think of wedding styling inspiration, what do you think of?

Most people immediately think of Pinterest, Google, searching Instagram, or *cough* your fav gallery inspo for ideas. Those options are absolutely great sources of inspo for your wedding, but by now you probably know R&R just loves to think outside the box…

Picking from existing wedding inspo is just ONE way to work out how you want your day to be. That’s the obvious route, really! So I’m here to take you down the hidden paths, giving you ideas on how else to source wedding styling ideas that will guarantee to turn out uniquely you, including how to source inspiration from homes, runways, holidays, and loads more!

Let’s go 🖤

Don’t overthink it…

I know that sounds weird, seeing as wedding styling is like, my whole life, but bear with me a sec while I explain.

In the past, when I overthink ANY decision into oblivion, I usually end up panicking and choosing the “safe” option. In this case, if you’re thinking of something like choosing a bright pink wedding dress, or basing your whole wedding theme around disco balls, you might overthink and panic about it, and end up choosing the “safe” option, like opting for the white dress, or choosing white linen and eucalyptus as your theme. (Hey, no shade to any of those things…) 

Our word of advice? DO IT! Just go for it. We’ve never met a couple that regretted choosing the non-traditional, off the beaten track option. You’ll thank yourself in the years to come!

Alternative Inspiration 

Inspiration is everywhere you go. But where about everywhere you DON’T go? Your own home can be inspiration for your wedding day styling.

If your home is covered in rich coloured velvet, with deep and moody tones, you could look into those keywords for inspiration. Try words like “moody wedding photography”, “dark wedding theme”, and “deep wedding colours”.

If you’re more on the eclectic home styling side with clashing colours and patterns, have a think about how you can transfer that into your wedding! 

Your home, after all, is a reflection of you and your forever person – so why not use it as inspiration for your wedding day?!

Looking at things like fashion runways, how your favourite restaurant is decorated, holidays you’ve been on… All of these things can be amazing sources of inspiration for your wedding day styling!

The Space 

The venue itself can work as a HUGE inspiration for how you style your wedding day, and your own wedding looks.

Castle weddings lend to heavy textures and mood lighting, tipi weddings can take on festival-style weddings with ease, and a big, blank barn will leave you the flexibility to create whatever the hell kinda space you want!

But remember, just because some of those styles do go hand-in-hand, it doesn’t mean you HAVE to do it! This is all about you, remember!



The essential ingredients to a fat-off, banging styled wedding day are simple: 

Choose what you love, what screams “YOU”, and have what’s important to you as a couple.

We’re here every single step of the way, to incorporate your badass personality into how your wedding day looks, feels, and vibeeess. We’ve even got a super detailed package that is perfectly created to strike the balance between my skills/input, and your wants and needs! Check out the Full Whammy! 

We really hope this helps you find all the good inspo you need to get started on your wedding styling. Hit us up on Instagram for any questions and all the insta inspo, we’d love to hear from you!