how to dress my venue?

Site visits and why they are important

What to do once you

have booked your venue.

Booking a venue is so exciting. You’re literally buzzing. You found the venue, and you love it! It matches your vibe and now it’s time to think about what kind of wedding you’d like… and how to dress it!
That’s where site visits with your wedding stylist can help.

When booking with me on either my ‘Full Whammy or ‘Set Up’ package, site visits are one of my most important services I do as part of your booking: I get to meet you in person and learn more about your wedding vibes! (Zoom just doesn’t cut it.)

We get to bounce ideas off one another and learn what is ‘doable’ at your venue.

It also allows us to really nail down what’s important to you on the day.


I honestly love a site visit. It’s one of my fav things to do when working on your wedding styling. I love sharing the excitement with couples when visiting their venue again. We walk through the venue as if it were your wedding day. The camera, note pad and measuring tape is at the ready to note down everything we discuss.


I adore discussing what colours you love, learn sizes of area space and what areas need the most styling. There might be areas of the venue you visit for just a few minutes which will need minimal styling, meaning savings on your budgets.


A lot of venues I work with are super flexible and accommodating, and it’s great to understand what works for you and them. We all want to create a wedding look that shouts your style! Venues also give us a sense of colour and theme too. There are ways you can complement your venue’s style to work with your theme – bringing the whole look of your wedding together.



Now, it’s not just working out the theme/style you would like. It’s also doing the admin side of styling too. There might be rules on candles, signage… and what you can and can’t hang. When we’re on a venue visit, it’s these questions (and many more) we can get answered.


It’s good to know this information way before your wedding day so we can schedule and plan your styling correctly. We don’t want to turn up on the day and realise that awesome massive neon light you bought, can’t be hung or there isn’t anywhere for it to plug into…welcome morning wedding stress!!


So here’s an example of what I would ask at the venue visit:

1 – Allowed Access Areas

2 – Timings. For arrival and clear down

3 – Colours – What works best with your venue and your style

4 – Styling ideas

5 – Measuring…lots of measuring

6 – Rules – The Do’s and Don’ts that the venue allow


Not only is this information good for me, it’s also great for you; Esp if you have to speak to other suppliers. There might be things you want like florals and estimates. Giving them all the necessary ins, outs and info on sizes and position will help with costings.


Don’t feel like you can’t ask anything at your visit. It’s a great time to really nail details from your venue and me J. There are no wrong questions to ask when it comes to planning your wedding. It’s your day and you want to make sure it works, and compliments that all important theme and budget.


After a site visit, it’s time to create your design plan. This includes; floor plans, timing schedules, colours and supplier details. It’s a great document to have to help you visualise your day and send to other suppliers if needed.


And finally…remember to have fun! Make a day of it and enjoy the excitement of planning your wedding day.

The plans look absolutely insane, you’re so clever”

Georgie and Marley