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by Jun 23, 2021Wedding advice

City Weddings with Stephanie Butt

stephanie butt is a birmingham photographer who screams all things (in my words) badass.
i love her work and with us both being 80s fans, working with her is a dream.
we both have a love for city weddings too, and even from these pics you can see why!

so, over to steph, who has kindly answered a few questions
all about her and why city weddings are coming in with a bang!


how would you describe your photography style? 

is a crazy cat lady, 80’s loving, cocktail drinking photographer a style? haha seriously though,
i describe myself as an alternative, fun and relaxed wedding photographer. i like to capture your real wedding story, documenting every real moment. there’s no traditional staged stuff from me! couples who book me are breaking wedding traditions, having their wedding their way and wanting a photographer to capture this.

why do you love photographing city weddings?

i’m a city girl. i love being in the city. the architecture, the buzz, the graffiti, i love it all.

i do love all weddings, whether it’s in a tipi or at a barn, my couples create
the most amazing wedding days! i love how fun and relaxed city weddings are.
they tend to be so personal and really capture the couple!

what is your favourite city for a wedding? and why?

there’s so many cities i love! being a brummie i love digbeth in birmingham. but shoreditch in london is on my dream list. i’ve shot awesome weddings in leeds, northern monk brewery is an amazing industrial venue for those ale lovers! i have to say my fave has to be liverpool! there’s so much to do and see in liverpool, you’re spoilt for choice when choosing where and what to do when you have a liverpool wedding.

what is the difference between photographing a city wedding to a wedding venue?

i find city weddings are weirdly more intimate and personal to the couple. when planning a city wedding, couples tend to choose a city that means something to them, as well as choosing a venue that really relates to the couple. i love weddings that are breaking traditions and city weddings are just that! i don’t do anything differently with how i photograph the wedding, i have a more relaxed documentary style, so this is perfect for couples wanting their wedding day captured naturally.


why should a couple choose a city wedding?

i think couples should plan the wedding they want. i wouldn’t say chose a city wedding over a barn wedding for instance. my advice is remember it’s your day, have it your way. if you are planning a city wedding, make sure you choose a city you love and that means something to you. we can plan photos at your fave bar or pub or where you had your first date, make it all about you! of course always remember your budget, we all have a budget, no matter how big your budget is, you can still plan the best day!






would you research areas to photograph and plan with the couple.

i like to ask my couples if they have favorite pubs or places that mean something to them. then we talk about places we can walk around and plan a route that will capture the story of them. so whether it’s where they had their first date or got engaged, i like to make sure we fit in something that means the world to my couple. i always have google maps out for city weddings, with saved places for us to have photos, this way i can plan an easy route for us on the day.


and Finally…what are your top 3 tips for planning a city wedding.

1. it’s your wedding, do it your way!
city weddings give you so much freedom to plan your wedding how you want it, without having to feel you have to keep traditions.

2. plan
spreadsheets are your friend when planning your wedding. plan your budget, no matter how big or small, you can plan an epic wedding with any budget. plan your guest list, this will then help you find out how big a venue you need for your wedding day. plan what is important to you, the styling, the photography, the food… this will help you again with your budget and how much to spend on each area.

3. enjoy every f***ing moment!
yes weddings can be stressful, but trust me, the big day goes by so quickly! so enjoy all the planning, so that you feel you have more memories to look back on.