As your big, badass day creeps closer, you’re likely starting to fine-tune those little details that really make the day bang. Having absolutely nailed your colour scheme, theme, and/or palette, it’s time to start planning and styling your wedding tablescapes! 

So how do you take your wedding theme and translate it into something that’ll work on your tables? How do you plan a tablescape?

I’ve gathered my top 4 tips to help you do exactly that, while making it totally personal to you as a couple. 

R&R is a huuuuge believer in showcasing your own personality on your wedding day. Not just because it’ll feel right, but because it tells a story of you as a couple, and emphasises that this is YOUR day! 

First up, let’s talk colour

Using the colour scheme you’ve chosen for your day (usually based on your bridesmaid dresses, ties, and flowers) is a perfect place to start. Having colours on your wedding tablescape that are cohesive of the other details throughout the day will really tie it all together perfectly! 

Look at different ways you can work with your chosen colours with different objects. Can you find candle sticks in that shade of dusty pink you’re using? Would using napkins the same colour as a main flower in your bouquet tie it in? How about making the menu/program the same colour as the wedding party’s outfits? 

With tables, there are usually quite a lot of elements and textures that go into them; the softness of tablecloths and napkins, contrasted with the plate settings, cutlery, and decor such as candle holders. Mixing in the right colours can really elevate these textures… Remember, contrast is your friend when styling tablescapes! Otherwise, it can sometimes look too ‘flat’ if all the tones are exactly the same. 


If you’ve already planned for your bouquet (if you’re having a floral one, that is), then choosing some of the same elements from that is a great way to start on tablescape florals. Not to mention that your bouquet can be repurposed in your own tablescape! 

A good question to ask yourself is what type of florals do you like? Are you a big, bright and loud flower type’a person, or are you more drawn to simple, sweet, soft wildflowers? Regardless of whatever end of this spectrum you are (or somewhere in the middle), don’t be scared to mix it up! 

A splash of contrasting colours or different textures in flowers or foliage can really be the difference between a table popping, and not looking “quite right”. 

A top tip when it comes to arranging flowers is use different heights! This goes for the props or vases you’re using, too. For example, if you’re opting for lots of foliage mixed with a few wildflowers, having them in little bottles and vases of different heights and sizes will really make the table look professionally styled. 

Play around with what foliage and flowers go in what vase or bottle, and try out different combinations! 

Stephanie Butt Photography

Be odd

I know this might not sound right when it comes to styling… But the most important styling tip (for anything), is do it in odd numbers. For example if you’re styling a table with vases, make sure there’s an odd number of vases on that table. 

“Things arranged in odd numbers are more appealing, memorable, and effective than even-numbered groupings. Three seems to be the magic number, but 5, 7, or 9 work nicely as well.” – Summarised nicely by Apartment Therapy.

You’ll also want to ask yourself “how are these tables going to be used?”. As in, is it a sit-down 3 course meal type layout, or just a place for people to mingle? Knowing the difference is really important to how your tablescape pans out, because this will help you to limit how much you need on one table. 

If you’re having sharing platters/plates on the tables, you may not need big floral displays and loads of candles taking up space, essentially acting as objects ready to be knocked over. 

Let’s get personal

I was recently told about a wedding where on each table, there was a sheet of paper that contained a little story about each guest on that table. That way, each guest knew a little something about the other guests on their table, and it’s a great conversation starter and icebreaker! 

I’ve seen weddings do ‘big fat quiz’ style quizzes, or each placement have one of the couple’s favourite drinks, shot, or sweets as favours. 

Thinking about what will keep your guests entertained and chatting can make such a huge difference in the tablescape design, and your guests’ experience! All these little, personal details can really bring out the you in your day. 

Everyone’s here to celebrate you and your love, after all! 

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While planning your wedding tablescapes, and all the other tiny, personal details can be sooo fun, R&R totally gets that it can absolutely feel like too much!! That’s why we offer packages like The Full Whammy, to strike that perfect balance between “holy sh*t, this is sooo US!” and “thank dog someone else is handling this for us (both on the lead-up AND on the day)!”. 

In the meantime, you can find loads more inspo on ourInstagram, or in our past blog posts