ey up, fellow rule breakers

“Show me the dancefloor”

Probably the first thing I scout out at a wedding. As soon as that music starts, the body is drawn to the floor.
Now I’m not saying I can dance like Jacko or Beyonce, but guys I give it a good try. Especially, when the jager hits the soul.
I love a party, I love getting people involved and making people happy.
I make pretty bad jokes and have an obsession with Marvel movies.
Watch one with me and I will be giggling, crying and engrossed in the action. Although, do not talk to me when I am watching it. 
I get pretty mad.

I’m a bit of a dits. There are things I have said which I am totally too embarrassed to type (mainly cause they are totally stupid),
but get a hold of my mates and they would love to share them. The one with the pigs neck is a classic, that always gets mentioned.

Have I also mentioned that I love a DIY and getting crafty. From a young age I learnt a lot from my parents, who were forever redecorating! 
I am also a bit perfectionist. No joke, my mum and dad went away for the weekend.
I grabbed the paint brush and repainted the whole hallway. Thankfully they like it.


I got married in 2018. The day was insane and all design and planning was done by myself…with a little help from the hubby.
It was such a fun experience and a day I would love to do again and again. With less Jagers this time!

So when it comes to designing and styling a wedding. I know how you’re feeling and what you’re going through.
We will become pals and work together to create a wedding that shouts out your personality.
My aim is to create unique and fun weddings for couples looking for something a bit different.

So are you a rule breaker? Than take a nosey at some of my work and see what I could do for you!