what to do for valentines day

by Feb 3, 2021Style Shoots

anyone else not really a fan of valentines day? for years myself and stu haven’t celebrated it. not that i don’t like the guy. i just find it a tad ott….but this year i am changing that.

last year we had a deal that we would’nt do gifts for our 2nd year wedding anniversary….but stu broke the rule and brought me all things cotton. from candy floss to cotton marvel boxers (and yep i wear these to bed). 

guess what. i got massive wife guilt and now think i need to up my game for valentines day.
i am totally not a romantic and we both enjoy doing activities cause lets face it. i am the worst cook ever!

so if you’re struggling to find something to do this year. why not have a look at these ideas that i have in mind.

with cancellations, postponements and all the other stresses of your wedding planning. let’s bring some love back to 2021!


Pizza Making

have a go at making your own pizzas with pizza kits from prezzybox.
it’s a great bonding activity and you get food at the end of it! this is something me and stu enjoy doing as we love pizzas and means i don’t have to cook. win win!!!


Pottery at home

i mean how fun will this be…totally messy but a great way to have a laugh together. bonus you get to make some pots for your home. sculpd are also doing a special valentines day treat and have teamed up with mr black. so thats pottery and cocktails in one!!! i wonder what you will make under the influence of booze lol.


Murder Mystery

Date Night

after this i hope we won’t be killing each other, as we are both way too competitive!
check out etsy to get an easy download for you and your partner. you get to work together to find the killer!!! you could even get dressed up if you fancy it…cheeky!!


Cocktail Making

who doesn’t love a bit of cocktail making! the amount of times me and stu have ended up with not enough ingredients, and have created our own cocktail – the revtini !!
(basically a fake pornstar).
so get to your local supermarket – grab whatever booze you fancy and get mixing….although i do not hold any responsibility for your hangover the next day!


Painting at home

i am a lover of painting. it relaxes me and i do get a little kick at watching stu try his best at drawing. drawing is probably the only one thing i am better than stu at. oh and dancing…let’s not forget that!

brush and bubbles is a fun activity you can both enjoy and you really don’t need to be great at art. just get your creative minds flowing and have some fun! you can even add some booze to the home kit!


i hope this gives you guys a few ideas. i could even get a classic m&s deal and pop a movie on…told you i was romantic!

have a good one you rockstars and remember, love wins so screw you covid!


Giraffe Shed photos by Foyetography Weddings
Our Wedding by Bunney Photography