the call of the disco ball

by Jan 15, 2021Wedding advice

How to style Disco Balls

disco balls are one of the hottest things to have at a wedding right now, and here at r&r we now stock a range of different sized disco balls.
available for you to hire free of charge**!

i personally love them! i would have them hanging all over my house and garden if i could. i, however, have been able to get a pink one in the daughters room.
and yes, i am very jealous of her! 

disco balls bring so much fun and life to a wedding and they definitely get me in the party mood every time. so, “how do i style them?” you may ask. well, keep on reading, for my top 5 tips on styling disco balls…



firstly, make sure you get a range of different sized disco balls. if they are all the same size, they can look a tad flat. having different sized props, adds more character, to the styling and allows you to bunch them together to give more of a wow factor.



reusing will save you lots of pennies. whenever i style a wedding, i always work with the couple to make sure we can reuse as much as possible.
for example, you could have a range of disco balls being used around your ceremony back drop. these could then be moved to your dance floor, or photobooth. you could also hang them from the ceiling, as your backdrop, and then when it comes to your reception, they are already in situ, as part of the dance floor.



please be careful when using disco balls at your wedding. if hanging them i suggest you use clear fishing wire. be careful and make sure you buy fishing wire which is able to hold the weight of the disco ball. we do not want it snapping half way through your wedding do we.

if having them on the floor. consider keeping them slightly away from where guests will be walking and dancing. making sure people don’t trip over them. it is also best to check this as you do not want them to get damaged or damage the floor.


Venue Styling

there are so many ways to use disco balls in your venue. disco balls can be styled on their own or with florals and other props. having them paired with flowers will make the area look fuller and more dynamic.
depending on how many you have, you can go big and fill the ceiling with them. these look awesome when they are hung at different heights too. you could have them up against the bar or dot them around your ceremony back drop. i mean you could even decorate your cake with them!

i recommend you have them near a light source so they reflections of the disco balls light up your venue.


Table ideas

you also don’t need to stop there, when it comes to venue styling. disco balls can also bring some fun to your table decor. you could have mini disco balls on your plate settings or dotted along the table. the mini disco balls could also have your guest names written on them, so they double up as a place card too.

you could even go the extra mile and have a stand above your top table which has a range of small to medium disco balls hanging from it…now that would be cool!!!

(keep your eyes peeled for a mono shoot coming soon, hopefully, it will give you the inspo to try it out).


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