Terms and Conditions

the boring but important stuff


1. costs and quoting


1.1: costs on website are listed asa guide only. prices may vary depending on your requirements and travel costs will be added as extra.
1.2: r&r are happy to provide bespoke costings to their clients.
1.3: quotes are based on hourly rates. 
1.4: if additional time has been given, an additional charge will be added to the invoice.
1.5: quotes are valid for 30 days from date on the quote letter.
1.6: travel time will be quoted 50p per mile.
1.7: the add on packages are 
available when booking a styling package with me. 
1.8: if you do not require styling and would prefer to have the design or planning add ons as a package,
than costs may vary and bespoke quoting can be offered.

2. deposits 

2.1: a 50% deposit is required to secure the booking. if payment is not made you may lose your slot.
2.2: deposit is non-refundable if order is cancelled or any reason.

3: payments 

3.1: payments to be paid through bacs transfer.
3.2: bank information will be detailed on the invoices.
3.3: when making payments please note the following on your payment reference:
deposits payments – invoice ref and the word deposit
invoice payments – invoice ref and the word final.
3.4. final payment is due 4 weeks before your wedding date. payment schedules can be made if required. 

4. working with suppliers 

4.1: for packages that require r&r to book suppliers.
4.2: management of suppliers will be dealt with r&r. client will have final say on decor/styling details.
4.3: contracts from the suppliers will be put into the clients name.
4.4: payments to suppliers will be the responsibility of the client.
4.5: r&r take not responsibility for late/non payments.
4.6: payment schedules will be discussed between you and the supplier. 
r&r will manage timings of when payments are due. 

5. damages 

5.1: r&r accepts no responsibility of any damage goods created by the client or their guests.

6: cancellations 

6.1: if the order is cancelled a month before your wedding date, the 50% deposit payment is non-refundable.
if the order is cancelled within a month of your wedding date no refund will be made.

7: contacts

7.1: when booking with me. a contact will be sent for you to sign.
this is for you to confirm booking fees and terms and conditions listed.


additional terms for design and planning will occur. these will be sent if required when quoting